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I stick out just a little bit here

Layover in Dallas-Fort Worth. None of you who have been paying attention will be surprised to learn I sought out an overpriced web kiosk. Hell, I'm about like Bubbles on The Wire looking for my fix.

So... I dyed my hair. This morning. While I was not quite awake yet.

My hair is kinda purple.


(One way to get around being a redneck, eh?)

As we speak, atomicnumber51 has gamgee running around trying to find out what to do about my neck. It hurts from where I scrubbed it for half an hour. Oh, and I can't hear quite right. Hazards of flying with the cold your boss gave you. (This is why people should stay home when they're sick.)

So when I dyed my hair, I was thinking "It's San Francisco!! Purple hair is cool in San Francisco!" It's also fairly common in Atlanta. Well, I completely forgot about that two-hour stopover in that bastion of conservatism, Dallas-Fort Worth. I need to start counting the weird looks. Also, people are less likely to give you good service when you have purple hair. But I did stop off at the bar in the Atlanta airport and find, tending the bar, the younger brother of a friend from high school. He recognized me before I recognized him. My drink was on him. What a sweet kid. :)

My mother took one last chance to drive me crazy on the phone. She started whinging and wheedling. "I know you're going to be busy but just take one minute to call and let us know that you got out there okay..." I couldn't help it. I pointed out that if I didn't get out there okay, it would be all over the national news.

Damn, I'm a bitch sometimes.

Now, back to find my gate. Cannot WAIT to get out there!! gamgee's going to get me good and debauched tonight!! YAAAAAAAAAY for debauchery!!

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