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Shiny San Francisco Stories: Sensory overload

One thing I really didn't expect about San Francisco was the feeling of sensory overload. Everywhere you look, there's something different and nifty... As cool as it is, it's just exhausting. I was falling asleep all over the place. I don't think I made it through a single movie we tried to watch (though in my defense, it was Old School; not even Luke Wilson could keep me awake for that. Owen maaaaaybe, but not Luke. Even though he is beautiful and all).

After my first afternoon in Haight Ashbury, I basically turned to gamgee and asked if I could go lie down for a while until my head stopped spinning. Later, after seeing the Marin Headlands and many different views of the Golden Gate Bridge, all of them cool, and dipping my toes in the Pacific (and that motherfucker is cold!!) for the first time, I was just this big puddle of grinning goo. gamgee said I looked stoned. I think at that point I hit this point... it wasn't quite a saturation point per se, but at that moment I figured I'd seen enough cool stuff that the trip was a success and everything else was just gravy.

But anyway, pretty much every day had me totally out of it by the end. I may have even dozed off in the DNA Lounge. (Don't ask me how. I was just chilling out to the music.) So as much as I loved San Francisco, I kinda wonder if I could live there long term without my head exploding.

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