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This just goes to show, given the chance between writing something substantive and crap, I'll pick the crap every time.

I've been on the job almost a year, and here are the decorations I've accumulated in my cube:

** Magnets. I have a row of magnets hanging from the shelf above my computer. From left to right, they are:
-- a 2002-03 Vanderbilt basketball schedule
-- a magnet of the Golden Gate Bridge
-- a Powerpuff Girls magnet
-- a reproduction of my family's (supposed) coat of arms in an ornate faux-gold frame
-- a magnet of the Casablanca movie poster
-- a magnet of an ornate fan
-- a magnet from Fido, my favorite coffeehouse in Nashville
-- a "Save the Rock" magnet from Alcatraz
-- a magnet of gamgee and me boarding the boat to Alcatraz
-- an Emerson quotation
-- a Monet painting, Japanese Footbridge
-- a magnet from the most recent Harry Potter movie
-- a polka-dotted seahorse
-- a Phoenix and Dragon magnet (local bookstore)

** Little stone animals from Crystal Blue (where I used to work, in Little Five Points, still friends with the staff) on my computer:
-- an aventurine coyote
-- a green goldstone sleeping cat
-- a rhodonite sea turtle
-- a lapis squirrel
-- a tigerseye sitting cat
-- an onyx panda
-- a jasper whale
-- a hematite penguin
-- a rose quartz dolphin
-- an aventurine sleeping cat
-- a rose quartz duck (larger than the rest)

** Stuffed animals perched on my monitor:
-- a "bluebird of happiness"
-- a Rubber Duckie mini-beanie (thanks, 10dimensions!)

** More animals:
-- a miniature piggy bank (enough room for one coin)
-- an Egyptian cat my boss brought me from the British Museum
-- a stretching cat that is actually a chopstick rest

** Paperweights:
-- a glass paperweight with a lobster in it that I got in Nashville for a dollar
-- a Powerpuff Girls glitter globe
-- a collection of stones with inspirational sayings on them (I need all the help I can get)

** On the walls:
-- a large calendar of "Romantic Europe" (this month is Florence)
-- a smaller calendar of castles, which I think I mainly got because it was dirt cheap
-- a picture of the firefighters raising the flag on September 11
-- a postcard with pictures of Vanderbilt
-- a greeting card of Midsummer's Eve
-- a birthday card from my boss: "If a tree falls in the forest and then springs back upright as a joke, do the squirrels freak out?"
-- a greeting card which lists numerous bad qualities of the average Taurus, then follows up with "and extremely good looking!"

** Miscellaneous:
-- a miniature water garden, filled with various stones. This thing amuses the fuck out of me. You squeeze the little attachment and it spits water and makes a farting noise. It's a riot.
-- a framed photo of my mom and me my freshman year at Vanderbilt
-- a globe-shaped stress ball
-- a Get Fuzzy desk calendar

** And the Crowning Glory:
-- Devil Duckies!! Six little miniature Devil Duckies in a variety of colors swimming across my monitor.

This entry turned out awfully long. I have a lot of crap, don't I?

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