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Still not king.

This weekend I got to go to Chattanooga to hang out with tenn_crichton, whiskey_man, and still LJ-less even though I've offered them codes Jonathan and Shannon. I introduced Jonathan and Shannon to the inspired insanity that is the Secret Diaries and then we all went out for kareoke.

The only way I can carry a tune is if you put it in a box and hand it to me, but the one song I will always happily do at kareoke is "Baby Got Back." It doesn't actually require you to sing, and everyone's going to shout it along with you anyway. So that was fun despite being a beat behind for most of the song. tenn_crichton persuaded me to sing with him by dangling the ultimate bait -- Johnny Cash. We sang "A Boy Named Sue." "My name is Sue!! How do you do!! You're gonna diiiiiie!!!!" whiskey_man did "Mack the Knife" and "What a Wonderful World" and is quite the good singer.

Oh, somewhere in the middle of this I drank almost an entire bottle of coconut rum. It seemed like a good idea at the time. This led to incoherent LJ posting and at least one proposal of marriage to a total stranger. *waves to idioticpoet*

Woke up in the morning still drunk; halfway through breakfast I realized I had the mother of all hangovers. My liver and my stomach have started a petition to get me to swear off booze for the foreseeable future. But no matter; we managed a few rousing hands of "Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond," which led to much eeevil cackling ("Muahahahahaha!!"), blowing up each other's lairs, and raising our glasses (I just had Coke, I swear) every time the Tasty Fruit card was played. "Before I kill you, Mr. Bond... Wait!! What's that music?... ICE CREAM!!!"

Oh, and Shannon and Jonathan gave me a Furby since their adorable daughter Angel isn't quite old enough for it yet. I'm going to use it to freak out the cats.

Thanks for having me, guys! Happy packing!

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