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Weekend wrapup

The drive up to Nashville Friday was a blast < / sarcasm >. Naturally, I got stuck in Atlanta traffic for what seemed like forever. Even more fun was I-24. They had a rockslide less than two weeks ago, which no one considered a good reason to slow down, even in the affected area. I was going fifteen miles over the speed limit (at least) and ten over my comfort zone and people were still tailgating me. But I digress.

Then, sushi! dawneywawney had never had sushi before and she was so cute trying to decide whether or not she liked the big hunk of raw tuna. The plum sake was a big hit as well.

Then I dragged poor ariedana over to Vanderbilt for a walk down memory lane at like 11 pm. I showed her the statue that I've always referred to as "Little Naked Guys Frolicking" and we sat on the lap of the statue of Margaret Branscomb, after I forgot where it was and ranted for a while about how I had to find it. We found an unlocked door at Benson Science Hall (the English building) and I gave her a tour, reminiscing about old professors and long-ago classes. I'm pretty sure most Vandy students would have spent less time on "and this is where I had my poetry class" and more time on "and this is the ditch where I used to wake up." Ah, misspent youth.

Then we went back to ariedana's and giggled a lot and tried to play with the cute little kittens.

dawneywawney's graduation from MTSU was the first graduation I've ever been to where concessions were sold. Gotta meet the budget somehow. We hollered for Dawn and afterwards got to meet her precious little girl!

After that we headed to the Great Escape to see scarcrest, who unfortunately was not feeling well and therefore couldn't stay long but it was awesome to see him after so long!! Also I found the extended version of Fellowship of the Ring on DVD, which I am looking forward to watching tonight if I can stay awake (big 'if'). Jason talked me into getting the first seven issues of Gotham Central by telling me it was like Homicide and better than Powers. Well, I've now read the first five issues and I still like Powers better, but it is pretty good.

After that we needed a nap. Bad.

Then metaphorge and m0usegrrl came over and we went to 12th and Porter, which was delicious. We wanted to go to the Melting Pot but the Titans game made it damn near impossible. Then we came back and Xana single-handedly tamed one of Dana's kittens and earned the name "the cat whisperer." Dana fell asleep but Fox, Xana, and I stayed up all night shooting the breeze, watching Homestar Runner, and giggling a lot.

Fox gave me the nicest compliment: "You look more like yourself than you ever have before." He also told me that he could tell when he first met me in 1999 that I was a freak and it had just taken a while for me to catch up. ;)

Dana and I puttered around Sunday and then I had to head out. I actually left Nashville at a decent hour, but I stopped off in Sewanee to deliver some things to Chris, my oldest friend, who will be teaching at Sewanee for the next year. Since we've barely seen each other in years, this ended up taking quite a while. It's really wonderful to be able to sit down with someone you were only around on a daily basis for three weeks over twelve years ago and still be wonderful friends. I'm really glad Chris and his wife will be close by at least for this year and hopefully longer.

I-24 is a bitch and a half in the dark.

Got home after 3 in the morning. Well, I didn't ruin my stomach lining or my liver, so I guess a little sleep-dep is the price I pay...

I don't know where home is anymore.

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