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First batch of answers

alfabettezoupe: Wow, you cut right to the big guns! I would say... it depends. At times from moment to moment. But I'm working on fixing that, and even though lots of days I feel like I've made no progress, I know I'm doing much, much better than I was a year ago. And that does make me happy. And by the way, thank you. :)

purpig: Yes. You're cool, you're funny, and you like Homicide. What's not to like?

branwynelf: I don't really know anything about it, but now I'm intrigued!!

vidicon: That way. Looking for margaritas.

scarcrest: Unfortunately, probably not anytime soon. Six hours is a really long way, and things are starting to pick up at work. :(

whorlwind: Yes, I think so.

trey5winds: That's not a question!

sujata: I'd like to, but I don't know if this weekend will work. What time do you usually get started?

podling: Did I tell you that (regarding what you told me)? Or are you just psychic? *Twilight Zone music*

darkerdays: If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise. What day are you moving?

gina: I haven't, but that's because I very rarely get to listen to anything at all on the net. Waaah!!

harleen: Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn't. I'm not sure what the logic to it is.

Keep 'em coming, and I'll get to the rest!

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