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I'm perky... without caffeine, even!!

I am all fucking kinds of happy because I made it to work on time this morning.

My real morning problem is getting out of bed in the first place more than anything else. I am Queen of the Snooze Button. But when I finally got up, I took some of your suggestions -- putting on music (I picked Johnny Cash) and eating breakfast. I am convinced that the breakfast is the difference -- having it first thing rather than waiting till I get to work. I am perky fucking wired.

Also I got to bed earlier last night, though I fell asleep before I could take the melatonin and valerian.

Exercise in the mornings is a great idea, but I doubt I can pull it off. My latest way to add exercise is going out in the street in front of the house at night (it's a quiet residential neighborhood) and pacing while I talk on the phone. It's much better than attempting to hold a signal in the apartment, and the conversation distracts me. I can go for a while that way. Must keep doing this. It could be half an hour a night at least, usually more.

Anyway... perky perky perky. Thanks for all the help, guys! *hugs*

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