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The latest in the "Jesus, save me from Your followers" category

In which a bunch of misguided loonies camp out in Alabama to attempt to defend their Ten Commandments monument to the death, or at least until Pat Robertson tells them to go pray for some liberal to die. Because heaven knows THAT'S a really Christian thing to do.

Wow, it's great to know that with the economy in the crapper, these folks have time to go protest over an unconstitutional monument. What do you think would happen if I went and pointed out to these folks that the Ten Commandments were a part of Judaism thousands of years before Christianity even existed?

That reminds me, there was this guy once who had some things to say about rendering Caesar's things to Caesar. He was a itinerant preacher without a penny to his name who never sat on tradition if it was hurting someone. He occasionally enjoyed a glass of wine with his friends, even if they were tax collectors and prostitutes. What he didn't enjoy included those in Big Business who cheated the common man, those who exploited the innocent, and perhaps most of all those who made a big deal about their piety in an attempt to impress people with how "good" they were while secretly not caring about anyone but themselves and how "right" they were.

His name was Jesus Christ and I am proud to be one of His followers, but man am I embarrassed by the foolishness modern-day Pharisees cook up in His name.

To those people sitting around whining about this monument, I'd like to say, take out your Bibles and actually read them, think about what Jesus had to say for yourself instead of swallowing whatever the Religious Reich's line is this week. I believe in my heart that if Jesus came down to see you, He'd say, "Put up your protest signs and go feed the hungry, visit the sick, reach out to the people you think you're better than, and QUIT EMBARRASSING ME!!"

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