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Okay, y'all talked me into it...

I'm going to DragonCon!!

(the crowd erupts into cheers)

So now I need your help with a few important questions:

1). Should I go ahead and buy the full badge tomorrow night, or show up tomorrow night for party hopping, then buy a one-day badge for Saturday?

2). What should I wear? I don't have a corset and can't afford one.

3). What events are not to be missed?

If you're going to be there, fill out this poll! I made it private so your contact information won't be floating around if you don't want it to be.

Poll #173706 DragonCon contact info

Wanna meet up with me at DragonCon?


Where are you going to be?

When will be the best time for us to try and meet?

Got a cell number where I can contact you to coordinate?


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