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Ridiculously Detailed Mammoth Dragon*Con Post, Part One

Let's see how much of this I can get through, only a week after the fact...

Friday I picked up some comics to get signed and headed over to the con. (On the phone with gamgee: "There are geeks everywhere!!" "Well, what did you expect?" "No, you don't understand!! It's wonderful!!") I met up with whiskey_man and his friends from Chattanooga, Shannon, Randolph, David, Donny, and C.J. (now on LiveJournal as christinajo thanks to my evil influence). Luckily Shannon didn't slug me when I did a double take and said "Oh, you're The Wench!" Then we went to dinner and Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca was in the restaurant and everyone cheered.

Then I hit registration and got my badge and got to see madmexican and then I broke out the corset and we commenced wandering the con. I have to say that one of my favorite things about Dragon*Con was just that people were pretty much comfortable wearing anything, even if they didn't have quote-unquote "perfect" bodies. Also, it was just fucking cool to look around and see all the costumes. There's a Stormtrooper! There's Arwen! There's another Arwen! Actually, there were way too many Arwens Friday night, but after that there were lots of Galadriels (most importantly, the lovely vill) and I felt balance in the Force had been restored.

We checked out Voltaire (funny!) and wrestling while waiting for the dance to start. All I can really say is that it was... disturbing. The music was not-that-great techno and then these guys ran out and started breakdancing. Okay, I'm with ya. Then they started strip-breakdancing and humping chairs and we were all like "ummmmm.... yeah. I'm going to go stand over here."

Saturday morning we checked out the parade (though not before I went into a foul-mouthed diatribe about why I wasn't going to buy a frou-frou coffee drink that nearly made christinajo's eyes pop out. The girl had obviously never heard of creative profanity). Saw the Brobdignian (sp?) Bards, who were great, and Whose Line Is It Anyway, which was much funnier in theory than in practice... though there were a few good parts, I'll give it that. Then we checked out Crossed Swords' swordfighting demonstration and then I had some crummy Cajun food. Whiskey helped. After all that it was time for a chill break and I think I managed to get whiskey_man hooked on Fables, which is IMNSHO currently the best comic out there and you all should be hooked on it.

Then the phone rang. It was edie22!! So I finally got to meet edie22 and darkmattr and many of their friends and we sat around drinking and talking smack about various fandoms. Apparently there is a Homicide fandom out there somewhere, but they're hiding from me. Edie still hasn't given me my Bush/Blair RPS. She and Howie were much amused by my Southern accent and how it sounded when I said "bitch," which only made me say it more. And "beeyotch."

Then we wandered the Hyatt lobby and a very talented artist named Tim Flanagan (does anyone know his LJ name?) drew me as an anime chick and I didn't know which was cooler: that she actually looked like me or that she was really cute. I need to scan her in and post her. I was being kinda drunk and political and squealy and I gave him a big hug and probably scared him half to death. And another girl and I did Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who got drawn first and had the same thing like three times. And I saw my old coworker Amy who said she hadn't told me about her LJ while I was a student employee because she was afraid all the slash would offend me. And I was like "I was getting in trouble for swearing at work every week and you thought I'd be offended over a little slash?!" Then Howie and Edie invited us to a room party which lasted till about three in the morning or so when the bar ran out. After that whiskey_man and I braved the dance for a little while but it was the crappy techno again, so we gave up.

To be continued, with the tale of how I stalked Judd Winick!!

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