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My own version of fandom wank

I picked up the fall TV preview issue of Entertainment Weekly (though I don't know why; I don't watch much TV anymore and when I do it's hardly ever the networks -- it's almost always basketball, forensic-type shows, Law and Order reruns and "edgy" basic-cable TV-MA dramas like The Shield and Playmakers where the characters say "shit" and cheat on their wives. Oh, and Blind Date. Don't forget Blind Date. I heart Blind Date). I primarily got it for the stormtroopers (thanks, darkmattr!).

But I'm reading it anyway, because I'll read anything, and I see the little section on JAG, which is inexplicably starting its eighth season despite the fact that no one I know watches it except gamgee's dad. And I notice the part where EW claims that JAG has rabid fans, much like Trekkies, who are known as "Shippers" because they want the male and female leads to get together.

Come on now, people! You can be an X-Phile shipper and be all about the Mulder-Scully love. You can be a Buffy shipper and be obsessed with Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Giles, or whoever. You could be a Homicide shipper like me (though I'm pretty sure I'm the only one) and insist Munch and Kay are the OTP (which they are, it's so obvious. I mean, dancing in the Waterfront? Hello?). Hell, I guess you could even be a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy shipper and root for the Fab Five to have a big pretty orgy or something. But you cannot just claim the term Shippers as your personal fandom label. It's a general term describing a type of fan, and your crappy show can't have it.

...Ummm. I can't believe I just wasted five minutes writing this ridiculous post.

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