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Rest in peace, Johnny.

As you've no doubt heard by now, Johnny Cash has died.

I knew it was coming -- sooner now that June was gone -- but it still makes me sad. I read an interview with him just last week. He was in the studio doing new stuff pretty much up till the end -- he said it helped him deal with his grief over June.

Rest in peace, Johnny. I hope you and June are looking down and enjoying all the adulation.

And I wish ilexx and I could be following through on this suggestion from m0usegrrl:

"We could hog the jukebox and play nothing but Johnny Cash songs and beat up anyone who tried to stop us! cuz we're tough and punk-ass and shit and it's JOHNNY CASH fer ghu's sake! and sing along loudly and drunkenly like "MAH NAME IS SUE!! HOW DO YEW DO!!!"

a fitting tribute, i think, to One Hard-Living Punk-Ass Sumbitch..."

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