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Here, according to Howard W. Brill in the Santa Clara Law Journal, is "Sex and the Client: Ten Reasons to Just Say No!"

1). The lawyer may be censured, reprimanded, suspended, or disbarred.
2). The lawyer may be denied admission to the practice of law in another state.
3). The lawyer may be sued for malpractice, outrage, fraud, or RICO.
4). The lawyer's conduct may be publicly disclosed.
5). The lawyer may lose fees or be required to pay the cost of the disciplinary proceedings.
6). The attorney may be disqualified from representation.
7). The lawyer may be assaulted by a third party.
8). The client's case may be hampered, impaired, or lost.
9). The client may allege ineffective assistance of counsel.
10). Four millenia of Western culture teach that sexual activity outside of marriage is immoral and to be discouraged.

I STILL don't know why you need an article to tell you this...

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