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Weekend hijinks

Saturday night I joined 10dimensions, eaterofgodz, vidicon, bheansidhe, and a whole bunch of people without LiveJournals for Movie Night. LJ-less Michael put up a projection screen in his neighborhood park and showed The Two Towers.

Now, I had been extremely excited about seeing The Two Towers and was in total fangirl mode. However, after we all got done stuffing our faces (I had two steaks and some salmon, showing why my mom calls me "the human garbage disposal"), I was in a nice little food coma, which meant that concentrating on the movie was just too much work, especially when I had such fun distractions as vidicon's comments from the peanut gallery, cute doggies to love on, cute boys to exchange shoulder rubs with, the dilemma of whether Legolas or Aragorn is more shag-worthy, and 10dimensions potent happy-making combination of chocolate-chip cookies and margaritas. Oh, and I also had the following conversation:

kellinator: Can I have some Jaeger?
vidicon: Not until you finish your margarita.

Happily for all, the Jaeger was gone by the time I finished my margarita.

So much fun was had by all, and now I really do need to see The Two Towers.

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