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Happiness at work

I spend so much time bitching about my job that it is only fair that I point out when it is good.

I love working in Interlibrary Loan. Why? Because interlibrary loan people are so nice. I'm always telling Will that in Interlibrary Loan, we're (affected Southern accent here) "dependent upon the kindness of strangers." It's all about cooperation. Like, someone in Wisconsin just emailed us that we had inadvertently requested an eighteen-volume set and could we narrow it down a bit? And the nice law student (they do exist) came by and told me which parts he needed, so I called the lady in Wisconsin, and she was so nice about helping us. And stuff like that happens all the time. Like, I was just on the phone with Beth at Georgia State, and we're helping her with something she needs (like, a professor over there was throwing away journals. Can you imagine?) and she is so appreciative. Of course she does lots of nice stuff for us that we really appreciate. So maybe it doesn't make for stories as interesting as the stupid lawyer tricks, but it's a whole lot nicer to deal with.

Librarians rock!!

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