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Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!!

Virtually every conversation scarcrest and I have turns into a masterpiece of wrongness. This wrongness effect is amplified when one of us has been drinking, and if both of us have been consuming adult beverages, then heaven help us all.

Last night I was drinking wine with my dinner and scarcrest was drinking cider. You can see where this is going.

"You're an attention whore, but she's the attention-Times Square pre-Giuliani!!"

Oh, and we got into this very wrong tangent which is incidentally becoming a poll. Please understand that I am not making statements about it being okay to beat up your boyfriend. I'm just curious about people's gut reactions. And wrong. Very very wrong. Also, my omission of those in same-sex relationships is not meant as a slight; the question just didn't seem suited to those circumstances, so I decided to omit it.

Poll #184714 The beatdown poll

Straight guys: Would you like to date a girl who can beat you up?

Yesssss!! Turn me on, baby!!
Nooooo!! Aiiiiieeee!! Mommmmieeee!!!

Straight girls: Would you like to date a guy you can beat up?

Hell yeah!! I'll show him who's boss!!
No. Wuss!!

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