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Filter time

I'm thinking about instituting some new filters. Why do I feel the need to filter everything? Beats me, and today I don't particularly feel like investing the energy in figuring it out.

The filters:

** Writing. Not so much a place to post my actual creative writing, as to just bitch about the process.

** Depression. Analysis of my mood swings, meds, etc.

** Love life. A place for me to bitch about my love life. Please note that this is not a sex filter. Having a sex filter would require me to 1). feel comfortable putting all that stuff out there and 2). actually have a sex life. Don't hold your breath.

** Tarot/New Agey stuff. Various metaphysical ramblings.

** Debauchery. So I can have a place where I won't be embarrassed to post about how much trouble I got in this weekend (really not that much, usually, but occasionally I'm bashful).

** Physical fitness. Unlikely to get used much, but who knows, I could become a health nut.

** Girly stuff. Because every girl needs one. This one is girls only, okay?

** Work rants. Every so often I think about just filtering the stupid lawyer tricks. But for now, unless people tell me they're really sick of them, I'll just leave 'em as is.

Poll #189304 filters

Which filters do you want to be on?

Love life
Tarot/New Agey stuff
Physical fitness
Girly stuff
Work rants
Hell, put me on everything.

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