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Geekiness abounds!!

"You could roast marshmallows off the flaming geekiness." -- sertrel, on my Law and Order entry and the ensuing comments party

"If we were any geekier, we'd have to go out back and shoot ourselves." --scarcrest, during a conversation in which we sorted the entire Homicide cast into Hogwarts houses and discussed the mating habits of orcs

I thought last night's episode was probably one of the best ever for this show, and a sure sign that Stephanie March will be missed. I loved the bit where she told the drug dealer that he wasn't allowed to kill women for critiquing his performance in bed. And this was one where the twists actually did keep me guessing -- nice work on having the heavily-promoted car bomb come when you weren't expecting it. And Munch got lines, yay!!

That said, I know Law and Order is television comfort food, but I wish it would take some risks at times. It follows its formula a little too closely. What would be really interesting would be bringing in a character who turned out to be a dirty cop or something really morally compromised like that. But it'll never happen. Because Dick Wolf is too self-righteous and anyway, I guess that's not what normal Law and Order fans want. It's freaks like me, done got corrupted by watching The Wire and The Shield.

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