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There are moments when I look at my life and wonder, How did it come to this?

There are moments where I shake my insignificant little fist at the sky and bitch and whine about the things I don't have that I want, the things I don't have that I think I want, the things I haven't accomplished, the things that didn't turn out like I thought they were supposed to.

And then there are moments when I look around me.

Geeking out with scarcrest, the only person more obsessed with Homicide: Life on the Street than I am.
Snarking with atomicnumber51 over ex-boyfriends from hell and the summer we lived in Nashville in a house that smelled like dog piss.
Plotting mischief with 10dimensions.
The moment every week where I walk into Criminal Records' comics section and ask Rick, "What's new and good?"
Playing with alanator's dog.
Snuggling a kitty.
Writing something that makes someone laugh, or think.
Looking up into a night sky with infinite stars.
Facing down AT&T and Dekalb County in the same year.
Putting on new clothes and thinking "damn, I'm hot."
Dyeing my hair so red it couldn't possibly be natural.
Realizing how good I am at my job.
Looking at myself in the mirror and knowing how far I've come.

And in those moments, I know it's okay if not all my dreams came true, because I'm living a life beyond my wildest dreams.
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