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What the fuck is up with all these fucking monkeys?!

Why is my friends list so obsessed with monkeys?

One of the first things I saw this morning was luckychance declaring she has a monkey fixation. This got me thinking. There are an awful lot of cool people out there who are totally obsessed with monkeys. Bucky from Get Fuzzy wants to eat monkeys. Judd Winick finds a way to work big talking monkeys into practically every comic he writes. And scarcrest does nothing but babble about monkeys (that is, when he and I aren't babbling about Homicide).

While I was considering this, scarcrest sent me yet another monkey link.

Then podling announces that she doesn't really like monkeys, which was pretty unexpected coming from the High Priestess of Crazymonkeylove.

So you tell me...

Poll #194498 monkey obsession

What's the deal with monkeys?

Are you obsessed with monkeys?


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