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Fun with Atlanta politicians

This morning on the radio the DJs were talking to an Atlanta councilman who is very upset about a local club having a "Pimps and Hos" costume party for Halloween (since changed to "Playas Ball"). His position is that this party is wrong because it glamourizes the exploitation of women. Oh, and that it couldn't possibly be a Halloween party, because there were no pumpkins involved.

I think the topper was when one of the DJs asked why he wasn't protesting strip clubs and he said nude dancing is protected by the First Amendment. Okay, let's see: Stripping = free speech. A party for consenting adults who just want to dress up in feather boas and funky hats = exploitation of women. Your logic is not like our Earth logic.

I think my IQ dropped ten points just listening to this guy. Which is about par for Atlanta politicians.

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