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Sports geekage!!

My family is just as enthusiastic about rooting against the teams we hate as we are about rooting for the teams we love. Maybe even more so.

So without further ado...

What is the most hated team in sports?

The Los Angeles Lakers. Buncha spoiled brats!!
The New York Yankees. Steinbrenner is the Antichrist!!
The Dallas Cowboys. America's Team, my ass!!
The Oakland Raiders. Al Davis sucks!!
The Notre Dame Fightin' Irish. NBC doesn't stand for Notre dame Broadcasting Company!!
The Duke Blue Devils. Dude, I didn't get in either.
The Tennessee Volunteers. Oh wait, that's just me.
The Boston Celtics. If you picked this option, go out back and flog yourself.
No, you idiot!! None of the above!!

Okay, who did I leave out?

I apologize for the lack of hockey options; I don't know the game well enough.

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