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Yay for gaming geekage!!

Today the lovely and talented cadoln took me shopping for gaming accoutrements at the Sword and Phoenix. We were looking for miniatures that actually look like the characters we're currently playing in streamweaver's Arcana Unearthed game.

Initially things did not look good, as Courtney and I roamed the store and discovered very few female figurines (big surprise! See, this is why gaming chicks have to stick together). But then finally we found some Reaper Dark Heaven figures that included females! (The Arcana Unleashed figures look terrific but only a few have been released so far.) We found a few possibilities that we set aside... and then we found this.

She's Martina to perfection! Right down to the sword and dagger. Martina is my swashbuckler, who started life as a peasant girl who ran away from an unscrupulous guardian and joined the circus, where she learned to swordfight. Courtney's going to help me paint her. We're thinking green bodice, purple jacket, mahogany-brown hair with red streaks.

Then Courtney introduced me to sparkly dice!!!

We had waaaay too much fun...

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