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The weekend in pluses and minuses

+ saw Lost in Translation
- almost immediately accidentally dumped a mocha all over myself in the theater
- to add insult to injury, it was a really bad mocha
+ heard cool new music
- didn't sleep well Friday night/Saturday morning
+ gutted a snake totem warrior in my Arcana Unearthed game while snarling "I need a new pair of snakeskin boots!!"
- spent an hour of the game arguing with the Littorian champion of life
+ called the champion of life "a big cat bully"
- ended the game basically screwed
- got tailgated on the interstate while I was already going close to 90
+ got to see Shannon and Jonathan
- almost saw a street brawl break out in front of us
- realized that I really don't fit in in Tennessee anymore (as if I ever did)
+ got to run around with Shannon yelling "But why is the RUM gone?!"
- only Shannon and I seemed to think this was funny
+ had smoked turkey
+ sang "Goodbye Earl" at kareoke
- forgot that the only part of "Goodbye Earl" that I really know is the chorus
- got hit on by a redneck
- only got hit on by the redneck after all the other chicks turned him down
- couldn't get rid of the redneck
+ drank more coconut rum
- became a philosophical drunk and bored people, myself included
- didn't sleep well Saturday night either
+ no hangover
+ made it from Chattanooga to Athens in like two and a half hours
- was about to fall asleep during my superhero game
+ had Molly's excellent stew and creme de chocolat
- got completely bouncing-off-the-walls scary wild on caffeine and sugar
+ luckily the rest of the group found this so amusing that they donated more chocolate to the cause
- violated some civil liberties
- realized I'm not playing my superhero like I wrote her
+ figured out how to redo her so she would make more sense
+ got to catch up with Molly
- missed Adult Swim
- bored Natalia to tears on the phone
+ had a lot of brilliant insights
- realized most of them really weren't that brilliant anyway
- also had most of them while sober, so don't have that excuse

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