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A lot of people have been posting about dreams lately.

A lot of people think dreams are messages from their subconscious, something with deeper meaning. Me, I think they're just the shit our brains come up with when we're asleep and they're bored. Things thrown almost at random, like a Jackson Pollock painting, and if we're creative enough we might find some meaning in them. That's why I rarely if ever comment on dream posts, and rarely if ever post my own dreams.

But this one was too good not to post...

I was a rookie detective in the Baltimore Homicide division, and I had three open cases that were fairly important, and Gee was getting ready to tear my head off, so I went to Kay Howard and begged her to teach me how to be a good detective.

That's all I remember. But at least it's fairly obvious to interpret:

1). I feel insecure and in need of a mentor;

2). I want to live in a TV show.

Somehow I think option 2 is much more likely.

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