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Behold my shiny new icon!!

Yet another new icon (are you guys getting tired of the GIPs yet?). This one's courtesy of the amazingly talented </a></b></a>

</a></b></a>scarcrest will have my head for suggesting there could be a pair of Homicide partners greater than Bayliss and Pembleton, and in terms of sheer detective power, I'll agree. But there was, to me, something amazingly tender about the bond between Kay and Beau, the best detective on the squad and the worst, the only woman on the squad and the Billy-boy you'd least expect to respect a woman as a partner.

And to me, it's all summed up by two scenes. The first is the inspiration for this icon: Beau's fallen straight into the bottle since his wife disappeared with their kids, and though Kay's defended Beau to the other detectives, she finally flies off the handle with him after he loses some important information for a case. At the end of the episode "Cradle to Grave," several subplots wrap up as the Pretenders' "I'll Stand By You" plays. In one of these, Beau finds out where his kids are, and is rushing out to see them. Kay stops him and reminds him to take the Christmas presents that have been in his desk since Christmas when he couldn't find his kids to give them their gifts.

The second is part of the story arc where Beau, Kay, and Stan Bolander get shot. Beau's got a flesh wound; Kay's got a bullet in the heart. And as soon as Beau can drag himself into a wheelchair, he's at Kay's bedside.

The day I got my season 3 DVDs, I watched that story arc almost immediately. With vodka. (See, at the time I was like "Homicide and vodka is the best idea ever!!", forgetting that I usually consider whatever harebrained idea I'm having at the moment to be the best idea ever.) After one of those scenes, where Beau's been discharged from the hospital but has stayed by Kay's side, finally falling asleep, I called </a></b></a>scarcrest, about a sheet and a half to the wind, and started blubbering about that's what real love is. No sex or romance or any of that bullshit to complicate it. Just real, true love.

So, yeah... I <3 my new icon. Thanks, Liss!  


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