Madam President, Queen of Snark (kellinator) wrote,
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A matter of character

This poll inspired by scarcrest:

Poll #221197 fictional characters

Which fictional character do you most identify with and why?

Yeah, we were talking about fictional character fixations, like mine on Munch and his on Pembleton. I suppose you could say they give us something to aspire to -- scarcrest to be a total badass, and me to be a total snark monster. Well, mainly they just amuse the hell out of us.

But as with anything, there's a dark side (look, scarcrest! Gratuitous Pembleton reference!). Heaven help us the day I forget I'm not male, middle-aged, Jewish, and a member of the Divorce-of-the-Month Club. And if scarcrest ever starts treating me like Pembleton treats Bayliss, we're gonna have words.

So... yeah. Um, what the hell was I talking about?

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