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Even though all the good Britney Spears jokes have already been made...

Sunday night my phone rang and it was my favorite punching bag good buddy alanator, in a snit. Once I got him to stop bitching and explain what was going on, he informed me Britney Spears had gotten married. Alan was inconsolable because, as he whined, "What if now that she's married she's not skanky anymore?"

Alan, I don't think you need to worry. I think most of us would agree that getting drunk (because really, do you think she wasn't?), getting married in a tacky Vegas chapel on a whim, then claiming that it wasn't that you were drunk, it was just that you were stupid is pretty damn skanky.

As the always-brilliant ariedana said here, "Which is worse: to publically admit that you got too pissed drunk to realize that you're getting married, or to publically admit that you're too dumb to understand that you're getting married?"

But now at least I've been reminded that there are people who do even dumber things while drunk than I do. Thank you, Britney!

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