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Vandy, Vandy, oh hell yeah!!

Tonight is a momentous occasion, for conference basketball games start in the SEC tonight.

Allow me to back up a bit...

I was born at Vanderbilt Hospital and have been a loyal Vandy fan ever since, raised by two more Vandy fans. Growing up in Big Orange Country, this made me quite a target of derision by the drooling, smelly UT fans. But I persevered, and ended up going to Vandy and attending many many basketball games as one of the Memorial Maniacs (Vandy's answer to the Cameron Crazies) in Memorial Gym, widely recognized as one of the toughest gyms in the nation for a visiting team. I constantly screamed profanities during these games, which was unusual in that back then I didn't constantly swear all the time like I do now. My friend Brian once commented that "Kelly, you're a proper Southern lady till you get to the game, and now you're swearing like a sailor!" But I digress.

So Vandy is almost always picked to finish dead last in the SEC East in basketball, and they hardly ever do, but that doesn't stop the sportswriters...

...which means they're currently in shock, because going into conference play Vandy is undefeated at 11-0 and ranked #20 in the nation.

Of course, the sportswriters are still against us (aren't they supposed to like underdogs? Then again, they all kiss the Lakers' asses all the time). It's all over the ESPN website: Is Vandy for real? Well, we're about to find out. Vandy plays Auburn tonight and Kentucky this weekend. And I'll be crossing my fingers that this is the year we finally don't have to say "wait till next year" anymore...

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