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Bad celebrity, no Cristal!!

This morning on 99X the morning DJs were talking to Erik Estrada about being on The Surreal Life, or whatever that shit is called. (Not that I haven't wasted a fair portion of my life watching reality shows... but still, most of them are crap. We all know this. We occasionally watch them anyway because everyone needs a guilty pleasure. I'm babbling.)

Near the end of the interview one of the DJs asks him if he's hoping The Surreal Life will give his career a boost, and he starts in with "No. I didn't do this for my career. I did this for myself. To find out what I'm made of. What kind of man I am."

And I'm just sitting there thinking, You want to find out what you're made of, you join the Peace Corps. Or climb Mount Everest. You don't go on a crappy, third-rate reality show with a bunch of crappy third-rate celebrities.

...Celebrities give us snarky people so much material. Their lives are so delightfully stupid.

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