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What a weird day.

Some of the weird things that happened Monday:

1). Woke up to Nick barfing on my floor. Well, cat puke isn't really that weird, but it's not the best way I can think of to start a Monday.

2). Not once, but twice, I had a song stuck in my head as I got in the car and when I turned on the radio, there it was.

3). Ed and Katy came with me to get library books I needed at Georgia State (the prof who has the one I need at Emory won't return it, the bastard, even though I've recalled it), and Katy got hit on (apparently rather crudely) three times in ten minutes. Those Georgia State boys must be little horny toads.

4). Tried to call Rick on his cell phone, and then ran into him almost immediately.

5). And then, of course, the biggest weird thing of all... somebody called me. (big, goofy, girly grin)

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