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Behold, a Fables icon!!

This is Bigby Wolf from my current favorite comic, Fables by Bill Willingham. (Gotham Central by Brubaker and Rucka is a close second, and issues of both come out today, so I'm happy as a clam.) I have him thanks to weaktwos, who shares my deep love for Bigby (I mean, this is the character that finally replaced Cassidy from Preacher as my comics boyfriend!)

And now, I have a cool Fables story...

A few months back, I was checking my email at the end of the weekend when I saw an address I didn't recognize. I clicked on the message, and there it was:

"Thanks for saying such nice things about Fables.

Bill Willingham"

Apparently he somehow came across the entries where I raved about Fables, and said thank you!! I invite you all to imagine the heights of my squeeing fangirliness (we're talking bouncing off the walls here).

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