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Because becala asked for more gaming posts...

Some stupid things Felicity has done:

  • Within moments of meeting Rage the berserker halfling, she dubbed him "the hobbit from hell." (If anyone asks what a hobbit is, she'll say it's a term she picked up in her travels.)
  • While Rage was asleep in the swamp, she wrote "I fuck dwarves" on his forehead. (This is actually true: In the last town, Rage had gone to a brothel and spent an evening with a dwarf prostitute. This led to some interesting hijinks when he got robbed and basically had to be dragged out of town by his comrades for his own safety.)
  • The aforementioned incident where, in a swamp inhabited by a dangerous dragon, Felicity hollered "HYMO!! I'm BORED!! Cast a spell on me!!" This could have led to disaster when a disembodied voice offered to make things more interesting, but luckily Felicity wasn't so stupid as to take the voice up on it.
  • While babysitting Kendell the halfling monk, who had passed out after her first-ever alcoholic beverage, Felicity wrote "cheap date" on her forehead. This got her dangled in the air upside-down by a very pissed halfling. Felicity's response on being set down safely on earth? "That was fun! Do it again!"
  • After returning from an adventure, Felicity decided to celebrate being alive with two of her favorite pasttimes, drinking and gambling. The problem? She had the flu. Which of course didn't stop her.
  • After being healed from her flu, Felicity wanted to be helpful, so she offered to keep Kendell company while she babysat the evil artifact that gave Felicity the flu in the first place. Felicity thought this would be a great bonding experience, complete with singing and dancing, "and in the morning, I'm making waffles!" Kendell was probably relieved when after less than an hour, Felicity got the flu again and had to go back to town.
  • While out drinking in a dwarven tavern, Felicity got the bright idea that she would teach the dwarves some songs. She ended up on the bar trying to teach the dwarves the dance that the party had to do in the swamp to appease the dragon. Apparently mentioning dragons was a faux pas, or at least the rest of the party looked shocked...

Have I mentioned how much fun it is to play a character with a Wisdom of 7? Plus, she has the Impulsive disadvantage, so I always get to do the first stupid thing that comes into my head!


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