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An open letter to Howard Dean

(Yes, I realize a great many of you worship the ground Dean walks on. Deal with it.)

Dear Dr./Governor Dean,

Thank you for your fifty-bazillionth letter asking me for more money. You know, if you want to do it grass-roots, you might want to consider that most grass-roots people don't have much money. The twenty bucks I sent you last fall is about as generous as I can be right now. I'm not like a pinata where if you hit me hard enough for long enough I'll suddenly burst open and spew candy and hundred-dollar bills everywhere. I might spew credit-card bills everywhere, but I really don't think you want those...

Anyway, am I totally stupid thinking that using that twenty bucks on paper, envelopes, and stamps to send me letters begging for more money was completely stupid? Isn't spending money that I gave you to try and convince me to give you more money, rather than doing something actually designed to reach out to people who haven't given you money, basically pissing it away?

And by the way, loved the PS on your last email: "Please forward this email on to everyone you know." Since you've built so much of your campaign around the Net, I figured you would know that something like this would probably just annoy everyone I know and make them actually less likely to support you. Plus, it kind of contradicts your earlier promises not to spam us. Which makes me think that maaaybe you're running scared. Which is not going to inspire confidence and win you new supporters. Just a thought.


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