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Law and Order geekage

Wow, was last night's Law and Order an ordeal or what? Yeah yeah, Very Important Issues and all that, even Very Important Issues that are near and dear to my bleeding-liberal heart (gay marriage and adoption), but guess what? I'm shallow!! I watch Law and Order for slimy rich people getting in trouble! I don't watch Law and Order for nauseatingly cute kids who say things like "When's my mommy coming back?" and don't resemble real kids in the least. And I sure as hell don't watch it for sobbing "don't take my little girl away from meeeee!" monologues. And I SURE AS FUCKING HELL don't watch it for Fred Thompson's politics. Please, not everyone from the South is a corn-pone conservative. In short, if I wanna get depressed, I'll go watch the news. More wisecracks, please.

But anyway, the highlight of the episode was McCoy's concluding line, "I say let them marry and be as miserable as the rest of us," which sounded exactly like something Adam Schiff would have said while drinking Scotch at the end of the episode and led to the following conversation:

scarcrest: So McCoy has turned into Adam Schiff.
kellinator: Yeah, because Branch is an asshole!

Obligatory disclaimer: Fred Thompson is from the next county over from me. I always considered him not much of an elected official.

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