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Well, that was a waste of time...

Today at lunch I couldn't find a single good magazine, so I wound up with the latest issue of Atlanta Magazine. Cover story: "Single in the City: How to Play the Dating Game."

After reading the article, I decided the only thing worse than the singles scene in Atlanta is listening to a bunch of club-hopping, Prada-wearing, designer-cocktail-sipping, SUV-driving, Botox-shooting, Buckhead yuppies bitch about the singles scene in Atlanta.

...Ironically, despite the sorry state of my love life and the unlikelihood of it improving anytime soon (the article was just lists of bars to go to, I've tried going to bars and I never meet anyone, just sit there looking awkward, and I've got more interesting things to do), I actually felt kinda lucky after reading the article. So I'm not rail-thin and gorgeous. It's actually a pretty effective way of weeding out most of the really-unpleasant-for-a-number-of-reasons losers who are busy chasing the gorgeous girls. I guess it all evens out.
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