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Wow, thank you!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the lovely notes and well-wishes (and underwhelming for this cool icon). It's really touching and it means a lot to me.

Last night when I started panicking, I actually managed to take a step back and think about the last time I imagined every possible worst-case scenario. What happened that time was the universe said to me, "You think that's bad? I can top that!!" and what happened was worse than anything I could have imagined. So I'm going to endeavor to stay as positive and optimistic as possible. I guess it'll be my experiment, because heaven knows I've gone on enough about "you get what you expect" but I certainly haven't tried it from a positive angle enough. So, if within the next three weeks, you catch me lapsing into "everything that could go wrong" mode, you have my express permission to slap me. But not too hard.

My coworkers keep marveling at how calmly I'm taking it. I think that's because I'm still in shock.

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