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Well, that was a waste of time.

For my own curiosity, I just took the "What do you find attractive?" test and boy, was that a waste of time.

The test informed me that I'm very picky and only like matinee-idol looks. Well, did it occur to you that maybe you should have included more diverse pictures? I didn't see many pictures of the geeky boys I always crush on, and in fact, when in the results it showed two pictures and labeled them "most conventionally attractive guy you picked" and "least conventionally attractive guy you picked," I found the "least" far more attractive in all cases.

I'm just pissed because I feel like the test gave me shallow options and then bitched at me for giving shallow answers. I know it was pretty accurate for some of you, but just about the only thing it got right for me was that I like angular features.

Of course, now I'm stuck with the uncomfortable feeling that maybe I really am shallow...

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