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Commence fangirl squee!ing!

I was just reading this article about the new Tom Fontana/Barry Levinson legal drama that's going to be on Fox before sending the link along to scarcrest when I spotted something that sent me into bouncing-around squee!ing delight:

The lawyers are young and hot - this is Fox, after all - but Fontana says juries will be "diverse, older and less gorgeous."

With that in mind, look for one of the Tom Fontana Players - Richard Belzer's Detective John Munch - to receive a summons.

If Munch can't get out of jury duty, Belzer will have played him on a record six shows, including Homicide; Law & Order; L&O: Special Victims Unit; The X-Files; and The Beat, Fontana's short-lived '99 cop show on UPN.

Yeah!! About damn time he took the record back!! (currently tied with Camryn Manheim's character from The Practice) Munch being written by people who actually understand him. This rules. And if you've ever seen the episode of Homicide where Munch goes in for a bartender-training class, you can probably imagine what Munch on a jury would be like...

Of course, what I still really want to see is Munch on The Wire. Imagine Munch finally getting to say what he really thinks, network censors be damned...

(yes, I find my level of fascination with a fictional character disturbing too. There, I said it so you don't have to.)

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