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Quick update for the bored and/or curious:

Mom indulged my ocean-liner fetish today by suggesting we go down to Long Beach and tour the Queen Mary, which has been permanently anchored and turned into a hotel. It was kinda cool, kinda cheesy, kinda sad -- I mean, one of the grand old ladies of the Atlantic basically turned into a tourist trap -- but I was glad we got to do it. Now I can say I've been on a "real" ocean liner. My favorite bits were the parts where I could look at the decks and stuff and picture what it really must have been like.

Sadly, as I've said to both Mom and atomicnumber51, it's pretty damn hard to be impressed with L.A. once you've been to San Francisco. Now that's a cool city. (Actually, as I was saying that to Natalia on the phone, Mom muttered something in the background about "it's hard to be impressed with L.A. after you've been to Nashville." Did I imagine that?)

We decided to rent a car and I have to say, I was really proud of how well Mom handled the traffic, especially considering the rental was a Saturn with no get-up-and-go. I was also pretty proud of myself for doing a decent job navigating despite a killer headache which made me a bitch on wheels. It SUCKS to be on vacation and have to spend a lot of money to do pretty much anything and then not feel well. After Tylenol and a nap, though, I am back to my charming self. Mom and I are having a really good time together. We're going to do some kind of city tour tomorrow.

Oh, the most squee!worthy moment so far was while we were being driven to the car-rental place and I saw one of those, umm, canals or something, and I'd swear it was the one they showed at the end of the Boomtown intro. I started squee!ing and motioning to Mom. Such a little thing, but I thought it was so cool. Damn I miss that show. Jeff Zucker should eat shit and die for all the great shows he's killed.

Well, should get back to Mom. Time for us to drink rum, I think. (Hee hee, I'm getting my mom drunk on vacation. This should be fun.)

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