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In which I get my ass handed to me by an inanimate object

As most of you already know, I am one clumsy klutz. I do things like fall out of chairs at margarita_fri and bust my ass on a regular basis (though 10dimensions says that wasn't my fault). When I was a teenager, I once fell up the stairs. I'm constantly coming up with bumps and bruises that I don't even remember how I got. I may have a great immune system, but my picture is in the dictionary next to "accident-prone." (And I come by it honest, too. My mom was once voted "clumsiest" at her workplace.)

But even by my standards, yesterday hurt.

I was in the mail room area, dropping off some books, and out in la-la land and not really paying attention, and I walked smack into the stamp machine.

The impact sent me reeling. (Wow, that sentence makes it sound like so much bigger a deal than it really was.) I'm surprised I didn't scream as I went flying. I hit the little part of the machine that sticks out, the part where you put your quarters, with my upper right arm. It hit so hard that there are now two large, angry red imprint marks running across my arm, and it's starting to swell. It hasn't turned purple yet, but it's only a matter of time.

So, you think I've got a case for workman's comp?
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