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Proof that my bark is worse than my bite

Wednesday night 10dimensions, alison_says, and I were going to raise some hell in Little Five Points while eaterofgodz was at a show. Woo-hoo, paint the town red, all that. You can't say that we don't talk a good game.

However, it turned out something like this:

Picture it. Sicily Wednesday, 11 pm. 10dimensions, alison_says, and kellinator are all slumped around a patio table at the Brewhouse. alison_says is drinking Diet Coke. kellinator is drinking water. 10dimensions has not yet noticed her margarita is on the table. alison_says is bitching at the waiter (but with Southern charm so it's not really as bad as it sounds).

alison_says: What do you mean you don't have dessert?
10dimensions (looking at margarita in surprise): How did that get here?
kellinator: The waiter brought it. You didn't see him?
10dimensions: No. Was that while we were talking about--?
alison_says: Yeah.
10dimensions: Oops.
kellinator: I'm sorry, guys. I feel like a party pooper, but I'm about to fall out here.
10dimensions: If I had a pillow I'd go to sleep right here.

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