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I'm in Nashville with ariedana, and since she just got a TiVo, we went out to lunch and started watching the Vandy game when we got back. When we got back, Vandy was down by almost ten with less than three minutes to go, and I didn't have much hope, but we went ahead and started watching because we'd heard that Vandy had played well earlier.

Well, a couple minutes before we caught up to the last part we'd seen, I said to Dana, "You know, they're really not that far down," and then, all of a sudden, we passed that part into the part we hadn't seen, and Vandy went on this AMAZING run and sank a shot that took the lead!! Dana and I started screaming and hugging and using the instant-replay button. We were practically holding our breath, and Vandy hung on and won the game 75-73!!

We were screaming so loudly the neighbors must have been pissed. Oh, in the last four minutes or so my phone beeped in the other room with a text-message. I didn't read it till after the game, and I'm so glad I didn't, because it was from sertel asking where my triumphant post was!!

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