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Vandy watch

Things continue to roll along for the Commodores: the women's basketball team beat the very worthy UT-Chattanooga to make the women's Sweet Sixteen Monday night. Yes, we're one of the few schools sending teams to both Sweet Sixteens. Heh. tenn_crichton owes me some clam chowder.

It was really odd to me to see Vandy swaggering and dancing around on the court, but in a good way.

And very much not to my surprise, after semi-acknowledging that they screwed up in overlooking Vandy, the national press is back to ignoring them, basically crowning UConn the preemptive winner of tomorrow night's game. Last week I was pissed, but after seeing how brilliantly Stallings used the lack of respect from the media as a motivational tool, I say, bring it on. Yeah. Ignore us at your peril.

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