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Six hours till tipoff...

I just know that nine-tenths of my friends list is just waiting for the tournament to end so I'll shut the hell up.

Oy vey, I'm verklempt! There are actually a couple of articles here and here giving Vandy some props! (And here's a great one, but it's from a Vandy website so that's expected.) That's a nice counterpoint to last night's Pardon the Interruption, where in the midst of the squeeing over Connecticut, one of the guys said "aren't we even going to talk about Vanderbilt?" and the other one started screaming "you don't REALLY think that Vanderbilt's going to beat Connecticut, do you?" and then the first one's like "no!! of course not!! ha ha ha!!" and at this point I started yelling and making obscene gestures at the TV screen.

But hey, maybe it will work to their advantage. As this article said, "Vandy, like Nevada, and maybe even moreso than Nevada or UAB, is the team in the tournament that is facing the least amount of pressure, because nobody is expecting the Commodores to win." Is it so bad of me to want my team to be THE Cinderella?

So anyway, I found out what the Atlanta Vanderbilt Club is doing (you'd think I would have noticed before now that I wasn't getting the emails), and Cheyenne Grill has guaranteed that at least half their TVs will be on the Vandy game. kingjohn2nd (who I'm starting to think is probably the only one of my Atlanta friends who likes sports) is joining us, and hopefully nobody will pick on him for being from another school.

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