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Who needs sleep?

I've overslept every day this week. Not good. I seriously need to catch up on my sleep.

Unfortunately, the chances of me doing that this weekend are somewhere between nil and zilch.

Tonight I'm looking forward to the partyatvernards. I think I'll wear the corset. Hmm, I'm going to need someone to help me with the corset.

*eeevil giggle*

Tomorrow I'm gaming at streamweaver's. Hopefully Martina will get to make some good wisecracks and beat the shit out of some monsters. Then I'm going to Athens where sujata has requested that I help her celebrate the end of her semester by going on a drinking binge dancing. I think I might wear the corset for that too.

No, streamweaver, I'm not wearing the corset for gaming, no matter how much you may beg. :P

Then probably more gaming in Athens on Sunday. I think Sunday's a game day. Man, I hope I'll be coherent.

Then lots of stuff next week. Probably my next chance for the periodic "go away and leave me alone" night (and I find I need more and more of those as I get older) isn't till Tuesday.

Actually, I'm really excited about all the fun things. But there's a little part of me that would like nothing better than to curl up with the cat and one of those Homicide novels. She'll shut up once I've got a margarita in one hand and some barbecue in the other. It's just kinda... weird.

This post doesn't make any sense, but I've already written it so I'm going to go ahead and post it.

So anyway, if you see me this weekend and I'm not misbehaving, ask me why.

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