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Sushi disappointment

This morning I dragged my carcass out of bed thinking "I totally don't want to face this day" and then I remembered that la_poubelle and her roommate and I were going to RuSan's for their buffet lunch and I was practically doing a stupid little dance and bouncing around my apartment going "Su-SHI!! Su-SHI!! Su-SHI!!"

For those of you who have not experienced the wonder that is the RuSan's lunch buffet, let me help you out. Imagine a bar full of all-you-can-eat sushi. And it's good sushi. It's fresh, not scary like that all-you-can-eat sushi place I used to go to on Buford Highway but I stopped because I was just too scared (yeah, I'm a wussy gaijin). It's pretty basic stuff, more salmon and California rolls than the exotic RuSan's specialty rolls which I do adore, but it's good, and it's only nine bucks a pop, and since I totally lack all sense of self-control when ordering sushi and usually end up doing major damage to my wallet (and that's why I don't have sushi as often as I'd like to), you can see why I consider this the best deal in town.

Then I got to work and checked my email and saw that due to this "inauguration" thing at work (and I'm thinking what's the big deal? The new president's already been here a year, we know it, and no wonder despite their fourth-largest endowment in the nation the school's always bitching about not having enough money because they spend so much of it on stupid shit like this), parking's fucked up (which is pretty much business as usual around here) and we're going to Everybody's instead.

Now that I've got my heart set on sushi, expect me to be a total bitch until I manage to get some. Which will probably be around 7 pm tonight. Because once I get sushi into my brain, there is no getting it off until I get some. And I am fearsome when I am craving sushi. Su-SHI!! Su-SHI!! Su-SHI!!

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