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“So, I'm currently stuck on the seventh cirle of hell that is 285 and it's all because last time I went to Margaritta friday I thought the quickest way would be to take 85 south to 75 north and pretty much, once I was irrevocably on that path, realized if there was any way I could have turned around I would have, but of course I couldn't and I was stuck in the traffice jam. So, tonight I thought I would avoid that and take 285, and guess what, the traffic jam has migrated and it got me thinking about how I have this, magical knack for at the grocery store, I'll pick what looks like a reasonable line, and it seems almost inevitably I'm stuck behind an asshat who wants to pay for a whole [???] of groceries with pennies and it got me thinking about how we seem to have the luck we expect to have, and could I change my luck by saying "I have good luck" instead of walking around bitching about my bad luck? And yet, I mean, when I'm having bad luck I can't just turn around and say "I have good luck now." It doesn't work that way, so I don't know. Murphy's a bitch isn't he? Murphy's law and all that. I have a headache now.”

Transcribed by: indiepunkrock

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