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Sports rant

As you've probably noticed, there's been a dropoff in the sbasketball posts recently, especially after the Vandy women got upset by Stanford in the Sweet Sixteen. (On the same day that the UT women -- aka the Eeevil Orange Empire -- won a game on a call they really shouldn't have gotten, adding insult to injury.) When that happened, I figured y'all would be spared from my sports wanking at least for a little while -- in other words, until the NBA playoffs started and I decided the sportscasters were dissing the Mavs and sucking up to the Lakers. Well, it didn't even take that long. I was watching a Mavericks game the other night -- a game in which the Mavs were actually playing well and in which my future husband Steve Nash had 20 points and 19 assists -- when I realized the announcers had stopped paying attention to the game in progress because they were busy raving about... the Lakers. I've decided that league headquarters must be located somewhere up the Lakers' collective ass.

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