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It's just a little obsession...

Last night I was struck with the urge (actually, the urge was left over from Sunday night when I couldn't act on it because I was too busy getting my weekly dose of Adult Swim) to paint some miniatures. Even though I really enjoy painting them, and enjoy showing them off to my gamer friends just as much if not more (because I'm vain), I hadn't painted any since the end of February. Well, I sat down and pretty soon I was asking myself "Why did I go so long without painting again?" It was especially nice because the new detail brush I got at Sword of the Phoenix seems to be well worth the increased price.

I fiddled around with my Martina mini a bit. I know, by now I've sealed her and declared her finished three times, but I keep seeing spots I missed, or ways I could improve her. The main thing this time was I used the detail brush to shade her some cleavage. ;) I also did some more work on Martina's brother, who I've been working on for months now. I was disappointed that I didn't get his hair quite the same color as Martina's, but then I decided he would have looked stupid with that many highlights anyway. I mean, I doubt there are that many metrosexual adventurers. (Though you gotta admit, that could be a great concept. Especially for an elf. I mean, Legolas. End of story.) Then I looked around at my myriad figures, some of which I'd forgotten I had, to see which ones I thought would look good with that hair color, because I hate to waste paint. This frequently leads to me hunting around for spots on minis that need to be just that color.

I realized just how many half-finished minis I have and how few I've finished in comparison. The problem is, I have fun doing the initial work, but I tend to shy away from the detail work, things like eyes and such. This means it takes me forever to finish a mini, and therefore forever to start showing it off or using it in-game. I'm going to have to get over that. Hopefully my nifty new detail brush will help.

Ah, using minis in-game. I really ought to try and do more minis that would be useful in streamweaver's game. Hell, I even bought a mojh mini to paint and surprise one of the other players with, but I dragged my feet too long and he just changed characters. I know when I go shopping I should buy monsters and bad guys, but somehow I can never pass up the pretty pretty Sandra Garrity minis. Sunday I just had to have her latest, the fairy princess, because she was just too pretty to pass up. She might be her prettiest yet. See?

Fairy princess

So anyway, I keep getting the pretty princesses and the one I've finished (a girl with a dragon) is gorgeous if I do say so myself and probably the one I get the most compliments on, but we've only used her in-game once, as a damsel in distress. And the monsters should be a lot of fun to paint. I have all the humans I need, but I still can't resist them.

And I have to touch up a couple of paint jobs, and then find a better carrying case so things won't get scratched. And probably apply several coats of sealer to be safe. I know it's not realistic, but I like the glossy. Then again, I made a conscious decision when I started that I wasn't going to worry too much about hyperrealism. I mean, they're fantasy figures! I've seen the really elaborate professional jobs, and yeah, I admire the skill and effort, but honestly, I'm just not into all the elaborate shading and lines. Why stress myself out when I'm just doing it for fun anyway? Personally, I like my too-bright, paper-doll paint jobs just as much as the fancy ones I see online, which is because they're mine, my vision. It's a fun way to indulge some artistic impulses (I can't draw at all) and more importantly, just play.

I really need to take some pictures of the ones I've finished and post them here. Maybe even at, they don't seem to be too brutal.

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